[SPOILER] One Piece Chapter 998,Raw Scan, Leaks, And Much More

Spoiler For Chapter 998

One Piece 998 spoilers will reveal Luffy advancing towards Kaido who’ve conquered up the Scabbards seriously. It is like an RPG at this point with Luffy crossing every floor for a level to meet with the final chef Kaido.

Luffy will undoubtedly soon be on the 4th floor in one  Piece chapter 998 as well as the 5th flooring in phase 999, therefore creating the perfect epic showdown of both Luffy versus Kaido in one Piece chapter 1000.

One Piece chapter 998 spoilers are going to soon be out most probably around Monday, December 7 Tuesday, December 8 plus it might possibly be even earlier due into the complex manga schedule.

The manga escapes are published by the Korean resources with a brief overview and the full scans and also summary are coming all out by Thursday or Friday. one Piece 998 will likely find a wake of Kaido landing the island beneath the Flower money. We still don’t know what Kaido really is.

Can he be a human who ate a mythical zoan that transforms him into a dragon or is he’s a warrior that ate a devil berry that transforms him into a human? Maybe we’ll find some type of backstory for Kaido in One Piece 998. Major Mom goes to the Cover of the dome to join up with Kaido. We really don’t know what her true goals really are.

If she’s team up with him, it is going to create the team the strongest enemy that Luffy has faced. But in addition, there is the possibility of her left-handed him. Maybe we’ll get backstories about Rocks. The fates of the Scabbards will also be in harmony right today considering nobody ceased Kaido by lifting the island.

Are you currently defeated? Who’s left position? It’s also going to be intriguing to understand how Onigashima lands on the Flower cash. Can you fall? There’s also the chance of a third party arriving at the spectacle.

 Release Date For Chapter 998

one  Piece Chapter 998 releasedate is placed as Sunday, December 13 depending on the state manga resources. The raw scans for its manga chapter will likely probably be leaked online approximately two weeks before roughly December 10.


one  Piece is just one of the most widely used anime franchises all around the planet. Moreover, the anime is centered on the manga with the same title. As for the never-ending hits, one  Piece is one of those highest-grossing media franchises of time.

One part is a favorite Japanese manga that has been a part of Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997. The manga is formally readily available to learn Viz Media. As for the novel, the manga is being released underneath Shueisha. At the time of this moment, the manga has a total of 991 characters. one  Piece 997 is going to be outside soon.




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