[NEW] Spoiler For Jujutsu Kaisen Raw Scan, Release Date, Leaks, And Major Up Date

Release Date For Episode 8 

Jujutsu Kaisen incident 8 will likely initial on Friday, November 20th for users that are premium and on Friday, November 27
Two fan-favorite characters in the manga series are getting their anime introduction in the “ju-jutsu Kaisen” installment. Aoi Todo along with also Mai Zenin is very likely producing their very initial appearances on the little screen following the events of Gojo’s most recent fight with powerful Curses.

Spoiler For Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8 

One of the ancient scenes from”Jujutsu Kaisen” event 8 is likely Mai and to-do’s encounter with Nobara along with Megumi. While to-do and Mai would establish their personalities early, their interaction would be a mixture of odd questions along with some activity.

From the manga, however, their introduction failed to move as favorable as you can. Since Tokyo’s upperclassmen said in the manga, the students from Kyoto get a far much better reputation than their administrators however they also wish to take part in some trash talking. And this really will be the sort of character that arcade fans ought to count on from to do and Mai at”ju-jutsu Kaisen” incident 8.

Todo does not like boring people today as well as the way to allow him to know what sort of somebody someone is by asking them what kind of girls he likes. He asks Megumi about this issue and his remedy won’t impress the new personality. Todo will then attack Megumi. While to-do is performing so for pleasure, he also means business and could likewise incur some harms on Megumi at”Ju Jutsu Kaisen” installment.

Some of the reasons enthusiastic fans of the show are looking forward to this Goodwill occasion is the fact that it will provide Tokyo’s ju-jutsu High that the opportunity to come across other aspiring sorcerers out of Kyoto. To-do and Mai happen to be two of the most important characters to become introduced that come from Kyoto ju-jutsu substantial.

Mai, on the other hand, will treat Nobara. Much like Todo, she also means business and could even hold Nobara at gunpoint at the “Ju Jutsu Kaisen” installment. Luckily for both equally Nobara and Megumi, their upperclassmen will arrive in time to shield them. It should also be noted that Mai and also to do are both 3-year students and that should clarify the difference in electricity and techniques.


It’s actually based on the Shounen Manga from Precisely the Same name written by Akutami Gege. The story is all about Itadori Yuji who would seem to be standard teenager initially glance. But, in reality, he’s quite potent and has an immense ability for diverse sports activities. After one fateful encounter, he becomes even a bunch of the very strong curse. Now he needs to wait to the Jujutsu college and also instruct to conquer different curses along with spirits.



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