RIP Naya Rivera: Body of missing actress found in California lake, Last Act Was To Save Son: Police

“the theory perhaps being that the boat began off drifting — it was unanchored — and that she mustered enough power to receive her son back on the ship, however, not sufficient to save,” he explained.
Your human body has been flown forty miles (64 kilometers) to the coroner’s office at Ventura, by which an autopsy could be run, police said. Rivera’s household was notified of this discovery.
US officials Monday found that the body of”Glee” celebrity Naya Rivera at the Californian river where she drowned last week during a ship journey together with her son.

“We’re certain that the body we saw is the fact that of Naya Rivera,” explained, Ayub, pointing to the place, look, garments, and affliction of your human body.
“It has been an extremely difficult time on her family all through this ordeal,” Ayub stated, “We discuss in their grief.”

Rivera is thought to own expired soon after leasing the ship with her son at the hot spot throughout an hour’s drive northwest of Los Angeles.

Search crews saw the video clips for hints to where she might have gone, along with family and Rivera through face time chatted if she was about the ship, Ayub explained.

She disappeared on Wednesday afternoon, and also a massive search between divers, patrol ships, and helicopters was started right immediately soon after her sleeping son had been seen drifting independently in a boat on the lake.
Her body has been being taken to a medical examiner’s office to get verification and a full autopsy of her individuality nevertheless no additional men have been reported in Lake Piru, he added.
Ayub pointed into the solid currents of the lake as a possible cause of a fatal mishap.
The son later told investigators who Rivera’d aided him into the boat before” he looked again and saw her disappear under the surface of the water,” said the burglar.
Rivera performed with singing cheerleader Santana Lopez for six seasons in the Fox musical comedy’ Glee’.

The lake has been closed since Wednesday to people, with approximately 100 personnel, including the US Coast Guard and rescuers from towns.
Rivera’s human body has been retrieved and a first examination found no evidence of foul play or suicide, Ventura County Sheriff expenses Ayub told a press conference.

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