The release date for Boruto Episode 155 is delay? and read here Spoilers..

Within this report, we are going to talk about Boruto Episode 155 Delayed. Other than that, this post includes spoilers, launch date, the facts, and more of Boruto’s upcoming event. In addition, this site contains spoilers. It is best to stop here, In case you bother. You can proceed.

Boruto Episode 154 Recap

“Himawari First-Hand Ninja Experience” was an episode that focused on Boruto’s younger sister Himawari. In this event, Himawari, who is not positive if she wishes to be a vampire or goes to the ninja academy for a few First-hand encounter. The Girl has huge hopes for the future. Throughout the adventure, Himawari comes along with a child named — Ehou. Himawari is mocked by ehou because unlike Himawari, he has opted to become a vampire in the long run. How this guy is dealt for by Himawari? Watch Boruto Episode 154 to find out.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 155

Boruto Episode 155 New Release Date & Time

Boruto Episode 155 is titled, “A Rainy Day to get Mitsuki”. As for the release date and period, the arcade was on indefinite hiatus just like Black Clover and One Piece anime. But We have the newest updates and all the information. So, it’s been confirmed that the anime will air Boruto Episode 155 on 5th July. Additionally, we anticipate the anime to resume its weekly program. So you can anticipate a brand new Boruto Episode.

Spoilers Alert

The episode will likely be focusing on Mitsuki, as the name suggests. The forthcoming episode Mitsuki will be viewed with his cat — Mikazuki. Yup, it seems like Mitsuki likes animals a great deal. Recall him having snakes in his sleeves? While hanging out with his cat, Mitsuki helps him out and comes with an injured person. It appears that the man likes Mikazuki. Meanwhile, the team gets a new assignment.

A mission to guard a company’s president. A serial killer’s Bloodthirsty killer Rain” is following the life of this president. The president says that he doesn’t know anything about what’s going on. Additionally, he tries to refuse to be protected.

Boruto Anime Enters New Arc

As most of us know the”Mujina Bandits Arc” which linked anime to manga started in January. But today, the official site of Boruto has announced the newest coming arc –“Kara Shidō-hen” (Kara Begins Arc). The name makes it crystal clear that this Arc will revolve around the mysterious business — Kara.

In addition, the manga readers are enthusiastic that the story finally links to Manga. As of this moment, 153 episodes have aired and Episode 154 will probably be out on 26 March. That is it for now, Make sure to follow our Social media accounts for spoilers news, and escapes.

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