Release date for Dr. Stone Chapter 156, Senku’s Science Mentor

With the release of Riichiro Inagaki’s latest Dr. Stone manga chapter that fans cannot wait to read the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapter 156. The chapter showcased Luna’s infiltration’s development to Science’s Kingdom. Enticing him into the deck of the ship and Looking for Taiji was her primary aim. However, it seems as she slipped some facts of her allies, that she’s not doing.In the last few spreads of Chapter 155, Luna received the ice cream that Francois and Senku made.

The flavor of the ice cream has been outstanding that Luna can not stop herself from admiring it mentioned Dr. Xeno’s title. Senku was shocked upon hearing the name and asked Luna if Xeno was a former NASA scientist.

Luna was shocked upon hearing that which Senku said and in exactly the exact same time, Senku disclosed when she began making rocket during his 32, that Xeno was his first science mentor. Together with the revelation about Senku and Xeno’s link, numerous questions have surfaced. Are the two scientists from the rock world understand each other? Well, let’s find out the way the story unfolds after the manga chapter that is the newest releases.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155 Spoiler Out Now - Isekainews

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You have two ways to read Senku’s story and adventure and the Kingdom of Science. Currently, Dr. Stone is part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue which are usually being released every week. For fans who don’t want to devote some cash with the magazine, you can read Dr. Stone manga series from the official manga distributor such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Both are offering access to the three chapters of the manga. Shueisha has an app for the Manga Plus that’s available on Android and iOS devices.

Release date for Dr. Stone Chapter 156

Due to this virus epidemic in Japan, plenty of businesses are being changed including the manga and anime industry. But that does not mean a rest will be taken by Senku with his mathematics experience.

If everything goes smoothly to the Kingdom of Science, then we will be visiting them in Dr. Stone Chapter 156 scheduled to launch on Friday, Jun 26th.

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