Release date for Boruto Chapter 47 (Manga) – Plot, and everything need to know.

Release Date 

Like the new chapter of Boruto will be releasing Saturday, 20th June. You can either read it on the official site of Vizor, you can even order the original manga online. If you would like to, then you might also browse the fan-translated version 2 days prior to the official release. But, it isn’t really that reliable. So, it would be better for you to wait a bit.

Release date for Boruto: Chapter 47 (Manga) – 

Thanks to Mashishi Kishimoto’s continuous hard work, unlike some other Japanese mangas, Boruto has not ceased making its appearance. Yes, you’ve understood it correctly. The launch of the new chapter (or when we say Chapter 47) is only around the corner. So, before we get our hands on this new setup, let us learn a couple of details about the manga.

Looking Back: Chapter 46 

Boruto Chapter 47 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Boruto's ...

Before we begin spilling from the spoiler of this new setup, let’s check out what happened in the past chapter of the series. With its titular title of’True Identity,’ the 46th chapter of Boruto started using a bang of Jigen and Kashin.

They have a long conversation between these, where Kashin tells Jigen he had been specially made to kill her. Once the revelation was made, the two of the people start fighting, all of a sudden, Koji shows that Jigen is actually Ohtsutsuki Isshiki.

Spoilers: Chapter 47 

The spoilers of this new chapter have been released. But, it didn’t really reveal much about what we are going to see next. Nonetheless, keeping the whole narrative of the previous installment in your mind, we can certainly guess what will take place. As per our accounts, the newest chapter will dive into Jigen’s past slightly more and explore through everything he has gone.

However, we do think that there is a great deal more to it. Moreover, we do also believe the fight between Jigen and Kashin will continue, and the whole situation will probably be more extreme than ever before. So, be certain that you be careful and stay prepared for the new edition!

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