All the details:- Why are the Pokémon GO servers going down?

Niantic introduced nowadays that the pokémon go servers will be taking place on Monday, June 1, 2020, from 11:00 a. M. To six:00 p. M. Pdt.  this is a pretty vast occurrence, 7 hours without pokémon pass.  Niantic changed into very indistinct of their announcement, only saying that the servers might be down for approximately 7 hours. Niantic has in no way announced an intended principal server shutdown.  but, they currently simply added code to the sport to address such an occasion.

so possibly this will be a semi-normal occurrence? There might be any range of motives that the servers are happening, from the very interesting better level cap to the extremely uninteresting database migration.  with no outright purpose indicated… we’re left to invest.  so permit’s do simply that!!

I would really like to start off by means of announcing that the subsequent is a natural hypothesis! not anything in this text is primarily based on any sort of inside know-how or heads up from Niantic or every person that works for Niantic.

it is 100% pure speculation.   it’s feasible that we see some, or all of those modifications.  there’s additionally a totally actual opportunity that the whole lot in this text is inaccurate. With that out of the manner… permit’s get into it!!

Database Emigration

Permit’s begin with this one.  it’s dull… I understand.  but this all should just thoroughly be Niantic migrating all in their records to a brand new database system.  Reddit person yung_lw posted a screenshot of a news article in pokémon goes with the identity “news_header_may_2020_spannermigration.”  link to the post here. Spanner is a news primarily based database evolved via google, so it is very probable that Niantic is migrating their databases over to google spanner.

this would possibly suggest less lag and an extra solid sport normal. Now, this doesn’t suggest that we received’t also get some recreation-converting updates, but, probabilities are that Niantic is going to take this time to ensure that all the prevailing facts are migrated nicely and not anything got misplaced/corrupted.

Levels 41 to 50?

This would probably be the biggest sport-changing update to pokémon move for the reason that fitness centre device changed into overhauled… probably ever. About a month ago the rewards for levels forty one-50 had been pushed to the game grasp file and that turned into the closing we heard about it.  elevating the level cap could thoroughly require some huge changes to the game on Niantic’s cease that could take a few downtime. Are we going to in the end see the extent cap accelerated?

many trainers were inquiring for this for years, as there’s a large quantity of stage 40 gamers in the game proper now, and a massive variety of these running shoes have reached the experience requirement for level 40 multiple instances over.

Raising the level cap raises some very interesting items for discussion.

  • A higher level cap would mean our Pokémon could reach higher levels.  Stardust would be even more valuable, we could see the stardust cost to power up a Pokemon at level 49 reach 20,000 stardust.
  • Go Battle League meta’s would be tossed on their heads, Pokémon whose value was hampered by their CP maxes would suddenly become viable.
  • What is the experience to gain each level going to be?  How many trainers will jump instantly to level 50?

If they do improve the extent cap, it’ll be very interesting to see how it all shakes out in the long run.  it would be a first-rate recreation-changer for positive.

Wenna Sally

Wenna Sally

Wenna Sally

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