WATCH: Lady Refuses to Put on a Masks at Gelson’s in California in Viral Video

A video went viral on sunday afternoon of a california lady named shelley lewis refusing to put on a masks at a gelson’s market. The incident occurred in dana level, a city in orange county. Gelson’s requires all personnel and clients to placed on a masks whereas internal the store.

Lewis recorded a video of her refusing to put on a masks and he or she then shared it on fb. After posting the video, lewis obtained backlash on line and the video commenced trending on twitter. Because the video have grow to be viral, lewis deleted the video off her fb internet web page and deactivated her account. Here is a video of the incident shared by the use of khary penebaker:

Lewis Believes She Was Being Discriminated Towards & She Is Going to File a Lawsuit Towards Gelson’s

On the start of the video, lewis speaks with a gelson’s workforce member who’s sporting a masks. The employee informs lewis that she wishes to put on a masks similtaneously buying within the grocery retailer and that the enterprise can present her with a masks if she doesn’t have one. Lewis tells the employee that she wishes to speak with a supervisor. Whereas the supervisor processes, lewis says that she has a medical conditional and he or she is not required to reveal that data.

The supervisor then provides to do her on the lookout for her, nevertheless lewis says that she has private objects she wants to buy and that she doesn’t need to current him her credit score rating card. The supervisor informs lewis that he cannot permit her within the retailer with out a masks due to company coverage. She then says that the supervisor is discriminating towards her and gelson’s become “going to get a lawsuit.”

the supervisor then provides lewis a business enterprise card for her to name the corporate workplace. As soon as she receives the cardboard, she leaves and finishes recording.

Sandra Z. Connelly

Sandra Z. Connelly

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