Rick Scott calls on Americans to boycott China

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott has been among the most hardline in the Senate on the China question, and as time goes on, he hasn’t mellowed.

On a radio show Monday, the first-term Republican from Naples made the case that Americans should boycott products from Communist China.

“No American should ever buy one product ever made from communist China. They are not our friend. They’re not a competitor. They’re clearly an adversary,” Scott told host Guy Benson on the Fox News radio network.

“We should buy American products. It’s going to help American jobs. But we need to understand what communist China is. It is run by the Communist Party. They act in the best interest of the Communist Party. They steal our jobs. They steal our technology,” Scott said.

The Senator was in the private sector long before he entered politics, and he pointed to his experience there to delineate the ruthlessness of the Chinese Communist regime.

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“I’m a business guy, loved to compete,” Scott said. “These guys are out to lie, cheat and steal to win.”

The Senator spotlighted China as an adversary long before the advent of the novel coronavirus. However, this crisis clearly has only reinforced his thinking.

“Communist China. It’s run by the Communist Party of China. They do all this all the time. Everything they do is for the benefit of the Communist Party of China. And nobody else,” Scott said, adding that China getting a COVID-19 “vaccine first” would not be “good for the country or for the world.”

“Because you know what? They’re not going to share. I mean, they’re going to take care of one group of people. The Communist Party of communist China. So I know. So whether an intelligence agency put that information out as possible, would I believe that that’s what they’re doing every day? Yes. Because they steal our jobs. They steal our technology. They weren’t transparent. They’ve infiltrated things like the W.H.O. to make sure they’re not a World Health Organization. They’re here,” Scott said.

The Senator, weeks back, called for an investigation into the World Health Organization. Clearly nothing has happened to change his mind.

Sandra Z. Connelly

Sandra Z. Connelly

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