Swati Maliwal: Demand to arrest Swati Maliwal after the truth of Boys Locker Room

Boys Locker Room Truth: The truth of #BoiseLockerRoom has shocked everyone, Delhi women’s commission chairperson Swati Maliwal, the truth of what she wanted to get to the bottom has shocked everyone, really If this has happened, then the truth was very important.


The group that created a furore on Instagram has been completely exposed today. After investigation, Delhi Police found that the user talking about gang rape is not a boy but a girl, it is the exploits of a minor girl who himself created fake ID of a boy named Siddharth and then on Snapchat with his name Pornography was started

Delhi Police arrests two for sending death threats to DCW chief ...

These things between two people have been done by a minor girl to another boy who has become a boy, during this time she is planning her own rape, Delhi Police has ended this dispute by bringing it to a shocking turn. Now social media users are expecting people who are raising their voice for women to look at this minor girl from the eyes of a criminal as before and demand arrest.

At the same time Delhi Women Commission Chief Swati Maliwal (Swati Maliwal) is also being demanded to be arrested, she highlighted the mentality of the boys in this case and demanded immediate arrest. The truth is that this is not the story of #BoisLockerRoom, its screenshots went viral on this Insta Group.

It is being told that Fake ID Siddharth, who is a girl, asked the minor boy to plan a gang rape to try the same, he not only disagreed on this but also told friends and showed screenshots, Fake ID The face behind was asked to ignore it all. But when the headlines are made, the truth is in front of everyone.

Sandra Z. Connelly

Sandra Z. Connelly

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