Donald Trump accuses Democrats of preventing politically motivated return to normal

President Donald Trump on Monday accused Democratic governors of slowing down to return to normal in the United States , despite being the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The great people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now and they are fully aware of what that implies. Democrats are moving slowly, across the United States, for political ends ,” Trump said on Twitter.


The Republican added that Democrats would wait until November 3, the day of the presidential election, if it depended on them. ” Don’t play politics. Be careful, move fast!

For days, Trump has been asking the governors of several states to comply with the return set from May 1 , despite the fact that the official document left the decision in the hands of local authorities. In some territories such as Florida, his supporters came out to demand the reopening of local businesses.

Trump faces next November the reelection by the White House in front of Joe Biden , ex-vice president of Barack Obama.

This Sunday in that same social network #Obamagate and #Trumpgate were trending. Trump joined the first who asked to investigate irregularities during the Democrat administration .

Trump added Monday that “Obamagate makes Watergate look small!”, Referring to the scandal in the 1970s with Republican Richard Nixon.

For his part, Obama joined those who criticize Trump for his management of the coronavirus crisis . “It has been a total chaotic disaster when the ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘the hell with everyone else’ mentality has settled in our government,” he said.

In this regard, the president added “great credit for our response to Coronavirus, except in the Fake News. They are a disgrace to America!”

In the United States there are more than 1,332,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 79,600 people lost their lives to COVID-19, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University , until the closing of this news.

Sandra Z. Connelly

Sandra Z. Connelly

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